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History of Tavern Markéta

Building of the tavern was originally house of the castle gardener. The first official data record about the wages for Krumlov gardener is dated from 1531. But gardeners have worked here much earlier. This building became later a house of the garden guard and also processing site for fruits harvested in the garden. This kitchen produced plum jam and you can find here rests of the fruit drying cabinet this very day. It lost its feature in 1970. During years 1988-1989 were these premises utilized by Krumlov swordsmen group, which started reconstruction of this building and created from it their clubhouse. Premises of the original kitchen were furnished with tables and benches, walls were decorated in knightly style. In 1992 after the small rebuilding of the clubhouse was set up Knightly Tavern Markéta with renewed fireplace and original smoke hood. In this style tavern operated till the end of 2011. In 2012 were premises of the Tavern Markéta finally reconstruced and tavern was returned to its original style of the garden house, including its decoration.